My name is Grumpy and I hosted Thanksgiving

27 Nov

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great and annoying at the same time. I was perfectly prepared to host my very first turkey day meal with only one recipe blunder (I forgot my Scottish dessert, Whiskey Mac Cream, needed to sit overnight), but overall, I was feeling good and ready. We had another couple come over and join the Scottish and I and between the four of us we made a wonderful Thanksgiving spread. We were pretty happy (OK, smug) because our turkey turned out so delicious and it was our first attempt at baking the large holiday bird. We had a lovely time watching football, playing cards, and of course, eating. But early on in the day I started to get a headache but just attributed it to dehydration. But then my throat started to hurt, and I was feel achy all over. Since I was cooking and cleaning for the majority of the day and by cooking and cleaning I mean mostly cleaning, (I think I washed my liquid measuring cup about 10 times because that’s how many times we needed it), I just assumed I was over-tired. But by 8 PM I was shivering with the chills and a fever and had to excuse myself to go to bed, where I stayed for the next 12 hours. This means that I missed out on early morning Black Friday shopping and boy oh boy, was I upset. My Friday consisted of sitting on the couch watching The Glee Project all day- horrors!! But then the rest of my weekend was pretty nice, we went to see a friend’s show on Friday night, and then on Saturday I dragged myself to Macy’s for some solo shopping. I ended up lugging my treasures home in the rain, which added to my crabbiness, but my time spent in Macy’s was angelic.

Side bar: Shopping is my bliss. Well, one of them anyway. Lattes are too. Well, when I’m super relaxed AKA happy AKA enjoying some bliss, I tend to need to have a BM. I know, I know, what kind of person blogs about her BM’s? Just be glad I didn’t say “my poops.” Oops. But seriously, there is something about shopping that makes me so calm and happy that I just have to go go go! And Saturday was no different. I had myself a latte and I was walking around the beautifully decorated Macy’s in downtown Chicago and after about 5 minutes I knew it was time. Afterwards I texted the Scottish (who was well-aware of my grumpiness and sickness) that I had just done my duty at Macy’s and I couldn’t be happier!

Back to my holiday recap: I bought toys for my kiddos (buy one get one free), I got a holiday dress for the Scottish’s work party, I got the Scottish a gift, and I bought myself a scarf, hat, and smart touch gloves all in creams and pinks. Yum. Then we went to my condo to load up all my Christmas decorations and after that we drove to my nanny family’s house for a second Thanksgiving meal. Very fun and very filling! This morning we decorated the apartment and I forced the Scottish to MAKE MEMORIES with me (such as hanging our stockings, etc), but despite the decor and holiday music I still felt crabby about my sore throat. Of course, I had to get out a blog to all my lovely followers, but unfortunately, there was no disguising my mood. On the one hand, I’m super annoyed that I got sick, but on the other hand, I’m so proud of myself for pulling together such a wonderful feast with friends, and I can’t wait to host my whole family someday. Sister, I call Thanksgiving! You can host Easter. 4TH of July?

Sigh, back to work tomorrow people. But keep your thankful thoughts close to your heart. Now, if I don’t have some lunch soon (it’s 3:30 PM) I’m gonna pass out. So yea, until next time…

Check out these photos from our meal!

Quote: “Am I grumpy? I might be. But I think maybe sometimes it’s misinterpreted.” Harrison Ford

4 Responses to “My name is Grumpy and I hosted Thanksgiving”

  1. Holly November 27, 2011 at 4:07 PM #

    Bahahahah! It’s the library for me 😉

    Congrats on a beautiful and successful Thanksgiving turkey 🙂

  2. Stephanie November 27, 2011 at 4:32 PM #

    hahaha, love it!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. Dad November 27, 2011 at 6:27 PM #

    TMI on the BM; but it’s sounds like it was a great dinner!

    • Stephanie November 27, 2011 at 6:32 PM #

      hahaha sorry daddy-o!! You know me!

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