BTW I am a MOH and B2B and this post is WR

7 Mar

My title translated says: By the way, I am a Maid of Honor and a Bride-to-be and this post is wedding related. Are you confused? ME TOO. I have succumbed to the pressure of writing with wedding jargon and man oh man is it not only addictive but also kinda crazy. The abbreviations are supposed to be time savers for planning and note-taking purposes and of course, for bloggers like myself so we can get right to the good stuff and instead of spelling out future mother-in-law, simply write, FMIL.

When I told my mom that she was a MOB or Mother of the Bride, she told me that makes her sound huge, I’m assuming she’s associating MOB with BLOB or some other fat name. MOG or MOther of the Groom doesn’t sound any better!

Then of course the Scottish has many names to go by which depending on my mood, I might use interchangeably. He is my FI or Fiancé, my FH or Future Husband, and of course G2B or Groom-to-be.

I am excited about this one: OOTG because we are going to have so many of them, Out of Town Guests, that is. And HM or Honeymoon and RD or Rehearsal Dinner might come in handy down the road as well. Hopefully we all know by now that DIY is Do-it-yourself and that’s gonna be the name of my centerpiece game. And to make things even more confusing, BM can either mean Bridesmaid or Best Man. What? I know!

My favorite wedding abbreviation has to be STD or Save-the-Date. Ha.

In other WR news, (see how this works?), I am a little stressed out because I had to push back my engagement photos a full month due to the Scottish being in Scotland longer than we had anticipated. It’s not fun when you have no control over things and his visa stuff is something that is so far out of my control that I can barely see it! The good news is I love LOVE the photographer we have chosen and am so excited to take these photos! Plus, this new schedule gives me more time to work on our props! Oh yes, props are the new thing in engagement photos these days and I’m super excited about all our ideas.

And finally in NWR, (Not Wedding Related) news… I took a Pilates class today and my gimpy leg was kind of strugglin’. I am glad I went and I’m hoping I can continue to work out more as the weather gets nicer. Pre-engagement weight loss was a grand total of 10 lbs. Now onto Pre-Wedding weight loss and toning up! Damnit this was WR!!!! Ooops. 🙂

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