Two most important aspects of an intimate relationship are God and Sex

26 Jun

HA!  This blog post has nothing to do with God OR Sex but I got your attention didn’t I? 🙂  Thanks for reading and my sincere apologies for the long absence.  Truthfully, I think about “Drama Happens” A LOT, and I miss writing about relationships, but blogging about my wedding and actually planning the wedding, at the same time, proves to be quite time-consuming.

But I have something to say about a VERY important relationship in my life.  Probably one of the most important ones EVER.

My Mommy.  🙂  (She is the reason behind my title.)  Let me paint the picture: Best Friend and I are sitting on my couch in our family room chatting with my Mother.  My Mother is someone who swears by saying “Oh Sugar!” and “Fish Face!!”  My Mother doesn’t drink alcohol, coffee, OR pop… yes it baffles us all.  My Mother has wanted to be a teacher all her life and my Grandmother jokes that she came out of the womb telling people what to do.  My Mother donates infinite amounts of time and resources to her church and community.  She brings God and forgiveness to inmates at a prison in southern Minnesota and she inspires us all DAILY.  She has her flaws, I mean, no one is perfect, but if you asked me to show the most well-rounded, loving, joyful, respectful, caring, compassionate person I knew it would be my Mother. Hands down.

Back to the couch and my Mother’s most awkward words of wisdom ever!  Best Friend and I are in the middle of male relationship strife no doubt (I honestly can’t remember at this point) and we were asking my Mom about the secret to a happy marriage and she said the two most important parts are God and Sex. CUE EMBARRASSMENT!  Ewww Mom, who says that?  My guess is she barely remembers this convo since it happened years ago and my other guess is that she’s a tiny bit embarrassed that I shared it with you all, but I think she’s right.  She’s one smart Momma.

Despite the random side story, I have no intentions of talking about marriage, Sex, or God (also I don’t know why I keep capitalizing Sex as if it’s super important but regardless I’m just gonna go with it now).  I want to talk about my awesome Mother and the journey I took to realizing her awesomeness.

It all started back when I was little (and adorable or so I’ve heard) and my Mom thought I was an amazing kid.

Age 0-10: I’m cute, I’m talkative, I’m her biggest fan, I’m happy all the time, and I’m fun!  My Mom and I get along swimmingly.

Age 10-18: I’m obnoxious, I’m talkative, I’m depressed, I’m angry, I’m going through puberty, I’m a crazy person, I’m mean and say things like “I hate you!” to my Mother.  My Sister and I fight constantly, leaving our little Brother to complement running away from home.  We are awful teenage girls and it’s a wonder we all survived! Ok, I am being a bit dramatic, but at this point in time my relationship with my Mother reaches an all-time low. (Yes, it all started back in 4th grade believe it or not!)

Age 18-22: I’m selfish, I’m talkative, I’m finding my way as a student and an artist.  I’m getting my heart broken and making bad decisions, and I’m making some good decisions.  Most importantly, my Mother and I are reaching a new level of understanding.  I’m excited for her to visit, I’m starting to listen to her advice, I’m becoming more aware of the world around me, and life is good.

Age 22-27:  I’m learning, I’m talkative, I’m trying new and exciting things, and I’m calling my Mom a lot!  I crave her advice and her words that always seem to make it better.  I look forward to every trip home to see family in Minnesota and North Dakota and can’t get enough of just hanging out with them.  My Mother is suddenly the smartest person I know and she’s continually right about everything!  Our relationship is thriving.

Age 28 or Present Day:  My Mother is helping me plan my wedding to the Scottish and it’s one of the best years of my life.  We are in sync, we are inspired, we are happy, we are laughing, we are making smart decisions, and we are enjoying every single minute!

This is a pretty crazy time for my family with TWO weddings planned for 2013.  If you don’t know me in real face-to-face life, or you’ve never visited my wedding blog, Journey to “i do” then this might be news for you, but my little Sister got engaged over Memorial Day weekend and is getting married next June, which is almost exactly 3 months and one week after my wedding.  Sounds stressful doesn’t it?  Not for my Mom. Everyone who comes up to her with condolences about the fact that she must be SO busy or SO tired or SO overwhelmed gets the same response, “Oh I’m thrilled!” she says.  And she means it too. My Mom couldn’t be more excited or happy for us, our weddings, and our future husbands.  She is having the time of her life!

And it’s her positive attitude that has gotten me through some low moments of not wanting to share the year ahead and some sad moments of missing out on things because I can only get back to Minnesota so many times.  The truth is, I’m overjoyed and excited too!  My Sister and I get to plan our weddings simultaneously and it’s a huge blessing that I will cherish forever!

So there you have it, an Ode to my Mother.  The best woman I know, the most patient wedding planner EVER, the drier of tears and the giver of smiles.  Mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love and support.  I’m the luckiest girl alive and we’re gonna have one hell of a year.  Cheers!

Quote: “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life.”  Abraham Lincoln


2 Responses to “Two most important aspects of an intimate relationship are God and Sex”

  1. vicky Limesand June 27, 2012 at 8:03 AM #

    This is the Mother of the Bride!! I am honored and thrilled to be a part of my amazing daughter’s wedding plans and her life!! God has blessed me richly with two daughters and they are talented women who know how to treat others and how to love life. I really am excited to be on this journey with both of them. The best part is— i have both of my dresses so I can attend both weddings!! ARE YOU IMPRESSED??? God is good— he knows I need all the help possible. Thanks, Stephanie, for being my little girl!! Love you lots, MOM

    • Stephanie June 27, 2012 at 9:46 AM #

      Mom, you’re so cute, and I’m so happy you have both of your dresses too!

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