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Kit Kats

1 Aug

It’s break time people.  I’m sorry to say it but “gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.”  No really, I enjoy a good Kit Kat.  🙂

As sad as it is, I need to take a hiatus from “Drama Happens.”  Cue the sad music and/or everyone chanting in unison, “Haven’t you basically already left us?!?”  I’m truly sorry for being so MIA recently.  Blogging is a fast-paced, unique style of writing and I don’t feel that I can do justice to this blog by only posting once in a while.  I want to come back to it when I can commit more of my time and energy to my ridiculous stories and examination of relationships.  Even though I’ve been busy, I still think about all of my awesome readers fondly and I’m so thankful for those of you faithful followers.  My stats tell me new awesome people find this blog daily, because as it turns out I’m not alone in my daily fear of looking so fat in pictures.

Meanwhile I’m still going to be blogging, but I’ll also be learning!  I can’t wait to revamp and jazz up “Drama Happens” when the time comes to start again.  I hope to delve deeper into some of life’s most important relationship questions.

I’m humbled and excited by the open doors in my life and I’m attempting to count my blessings daily.

Thank you all for your “likes,” your support, your comments, and your words of wisdom!  Cheers to your path, wherever it may lead you!

And as always, I leave you with a,

Quote: “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers.  The mind can never break off from the journey.”  -Pat Conroy


Why do I look so fat in pictures?

8 Jan

I am sincerely interested in this, why, oh why do I look so fat in pictures? It couldn’t possibly be because I’m fat. I like my body. I’ve always enjoyed having curves, big boobs, big butt, no problem. I’d rather not be a stick and overall I’m generally pleased with my reflection in the mirror. But in pictures I am some mammoth beast woman with a puffy face, a wide torso and the flabbiest arms I’ve ever seen. WHO IS THAT GIRL?!?!?! Therefore, due to the unfortunate circumstances of me being a fatso in pictures, (and because my tummy does sometimes bulge out over my jeans) I have decided to join Weight Watchers. Insert applause here.

I am doing online Weight Watchers and I’m very happy to report that it’s going swimmingly well. Yes, I can safely say that since 9:30 AM this morning (when I joined) I have been completely successful. And I’d also like to report that I’m STARVING. I haven’t had any dessert yet today and there is nothing I love more than a good cookie, cake, or bowl of ice cream. I know that with WW (Weight Watchers) you can eat whatever you want but now that I know how many points my favorite foods are, I’m starting to feel awful. And at the same time I’m doing my best to keep my head in the game, by picturing my body nice and thin, my jeans so loose I’m forced by new clothes, and how beautiful I’m going to look in my gorgeous dress come April at my friend’s wedding.

The key is portion control. I get that. But my idea of a small bowl of cereal looks like a giant-sized portion compared to what Weight Watchers deems a serving size. Sigh. And it doesn’t help that the Scottish is the thinnest man in the world who survives solely on carbs and red meat and barely eats any vegetables. NOT FAIR. The good thing about dating skinny men is that they can become constant motivation for you to keep yourself in shape. My grandma still laments how grandpa can eat whatever he wants whenever he wants and doesn’t gain a thing, but she has to watch her food intake closely.

Soooo, WW, when do I start seeing results? At this point, I’d be content to lose the cookies and fast food weight I gained over the holidays. I’m only 13 lbs above the healthy range for my height and while I love full disclosure in blogging, I’m not quite comfortable in sharing my current or ideal weight yet. Once the pounds start falling off me, I’ll probably be more candid in my results. Right now, I’m just trying to get through pasta dinner with the girls tonight without going over my remaining 13 points. It’s like my own tragic video game, but instead of dying when you run out of points, with WW the only thing you have to deal with is self-loathing and knowing you’re a failure. HA.

Alright, I’m off to eat a zero-point apple for a snack. This is going to be a loooooong week.

Wednesday’s post is going to be all about virginity, so get ready. Questions and ideas welcome! And also if you’ve had success on WW, pass on the hope!!! 🙂

Quote: “More die in the United States of too much food than of too little.” John Kenneth Galbraith

My last post didn’t get as much traffic as usual so maybe these pictures will help

14 Dec

Hello Random blog post!!! (why, hello to you too) Here are three recent purchases that have made me super happy!

1. The Scottish and I picked out two of my Christmas presents early… here are my awesome new shoe racks:

By the door

In the closet

2. I am in love with the new heels and matching clutch I bought from Nine West. I bought them to match the dress I wore to The Scottish’s work party. Check. Next appearance for this ensemble will be Christmas Eve service in ND… gotta get my money’s worth, yo.



3. My fossil hat that makes me feel young. The Scottish first saw it and said, “It’s dorky but it suits you.” Whaaaa?

winter super spy

Sidebar: I met up with a friend for lunch last week (who wondered if she would be in the blog and I said no but I guess what I really meant was yes). When she first walked into the restaurant she remarked how I don’t even need to talk about my life since she already knows everything from my blog! I laughed heartily because I can ALWAYS find more to say, and I love chatting in person with my friends because you get the back and forth banter. But she made me think… I need to broaden my horizons and reach people that I don’t get to have lunch with all the time. So, loyal reader, I am asking you ever so graciously to please pass my blog on to a friend of yours that you think might like this. Male or female!! Some of my biggest fans are guys and I love it. 🙂 If your immediate reaction is, “I barely have time to read this let alone pass it on,” then no big deal. I appreciate all of you so much. Writing this blog makes me so joyful.

OH and one more thing! I have now put all the blogs that I follow into my Google Reader and it is life-changing! It’s a great way to see all your favorite blogs and who’s updated recently without searching for them or clogging up your email. And it’s included with your google account. Personally, I am obsessed with my gmail and all things google and feel like it’s my life goal to hook others up to it’s glory.

Check out one of my new favorite blogs!


Clearly there is no real theme for the quote this week so how about a semi-off-color joke?

Joke: Someone asked Siri (the iphone personal assistant) to tell them a holocaust joke. Siri replied, “I don’t know any holocaust jokes, Ann Frankly I don’t find them funny.”

The beginning

19 Oct

Hello! And welcome to my first blog entry ever (so exciting)!! I feel like it’s the start of a new journey for me, and I would like to share that journey with you. It’s like I’m on the cusp of something new, standing still, waiting for my next path. I’ve been a nanny to two amazing kids for 4 years now and I know that they aren’t going to to need me forever. I’m a trained actor trying to make an artistic life for myself in Chicago with the minimal free time that I have. And I’ve recently decided that this writing bug is more of a writing passion and while starting a personal memoir at age 22 was helpful for awhile, it’s time to share my thoughts with others. I’ve also been dating my boyfriend for almost two years now and it’s definitely going towards “the future.” And then there’s all of my amazing girlfriends (in this state and in other states) that I want to spend time with, yes I said girlfriends for a reason- I don’t make friends with straight men, odd but true. Straight men either want to sleep with me or they get annoyed by me, not much middle ground. Gay men on the other hand, find me funny, and women, well, I can just relate to them better. We all have periods and emotions and selfish whiny tendencies and we like to shop, and it just works. Oh, and did I mention I bought a studio condo back in July of 2009 when the government was giving 8,000 dollars to first-time home buyers (I love you Obama!)? Well, I did, and let’s just say, that takes lots of work and lots of money. And this past August, my boyfriend, who I shall refer to as “the Scottish,” found this great rental apartment, and. it’s been fun and challenging as we make it our temporary home. I don’t live with him full time, but I basically live with him  50% of the time and I live in my studio 50% of the time. (Well, let’s be honest, it’s more like 75/25, but hey, I love him.)

Ten things that are somewhat interesting about me:

  1. I’m a natural blonde. It’s rare and it’s real. Don’t ever call me a “dishwater blonde,” and we’ll get along just fine.
  2. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I pray, and I go to church. God is love. Try it sometime.
  3. I am obsessed with the TV channel TLC. I am an over-sharer myself and I love all of their controversial reality families. I especially love The Little Couple and Sister Wives. And I can’t get enough of their wedding shows. Yum.
  4. I’ve struggled with my skin (acne) since I was a 5th grader, and I’m just recently starting to love my face. But those years of wearing make-up all the time when I was young have stuck with me and I still don’t leave the house without it.
  5. I can’t stand narrow-mindedness and people who judge others, especially when it comes to the GLBT community. Who are we to deny others’ love? We are all imperfect human beings. My advice to conservatives…go “fix” your own problems because harassing gay people and fighting legislation that lets homosexuals marry is not worth your time. You’ve got bigger issues, trust me.
  6. My parents are still married. They fight like normal couples but they’re still happy and it’s one of the best gifts they’ve given me.
  7. I used to think there was a witch in my basement when I was little, and I would turn off the light and run up the stairs as fast as I could so she couldn’t catch me. 🙂
  8. I didn’t have a passport until I met my Scottish boyfriend. And I don’t travel very much, partly due to money, partly due to packing anxiety.
  9. I’d rather get a pedicure than a haircut, because I love pedicures and I hate haircuts!
  10. I was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It’s not the most exciting place, but North Dakota is one of the few places in the world where I feel the most content.

The reason I love live theatre is because it’s such a beautiful way for people to relate to one another. It’s a portrayal of humanity and no matter our background or our culture we all have things in common. Hopefully you can find reasons to relate to me, or to laugh with me, or even to disagree with me. And since I’m obsessed with quotes, I plan to close every blog entry with one.

” Be faithful to that which exists within yourself. ” Andre Gide

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