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Come join me in the Clouds

4 Dec

When did we all get so cynical? When did shopping malls and store chains become the enemy? When did the world stop believing in things they couldn’t see or understand? Am I the only person left who watches romantic comedies??

So, last night the Scottish and I had a minor disagreement. It started off as a great evening… we went to the Walnut Room for dinner at Macy’s on State street. For those of you not in Chicago, this is a fantastic restaurant on the 8th floor of the HUGE downtown Macy’s. It’s got this amazing tree in the center of the room that illuminates the entire floor and it’s just beautiful. Last year my parents were in town for the lighting of this tree in November and I found out it’s a tradition for some people to go out to breakfast at the Walnut Room and watch the tree lighting festivities. Well I’ve always wanted to go back and eat there and last night was my chance. My girlfriends and I were bumming around the Macy’s and I knew the Scottish was meeting me later so I put my name down at 6 PM, and they told me my estimated time of seating would be close to 8:30! But hey, I was in Macy’s, we all know how err, “relaxed,” it makes me to wander around Macy’s so the Scottish and I got a snack and then went browsing while we waited for our table.

The food at the Walnut Room is decent, nothing special, but you’re not there for the food. You’re there because there are fairy princesses wandering around with wands talking to all the children and it’s freakin adorable. I made a mental note to come back with my little Becca next time. Surrounded by all the spectacle and the lights, the Christmas music, and the fairy princesses, I started to float up to the clouds and I started to feel extra romantic sitting there with my love. And that is how we got on the topic of fate. I told him that I think God knew he was the one for me and guided him from Scotland to Chicago so we could meet at that bar two years ago on that fateful night. The Scottish replies with, something to the effect of, well, there could be someone else more perfect for us out there but we won’t act on it because we’re in love with each other and blah blah blah (I started to tune out in frustration).

WHAT?!?! That is the most unromantic thing I’ve ever heard. There are 6 billion people on the earth and the odds are pretty good that there is someone else that you are more compatible with? Ew. OF course I know the Scottish loves me and he’s not going anywhere. I can tell by the way he looks at me, the way he talks to me, the way he listens to me, etc. But sometimes his logical side really irks me. So I ask him to tell me what he believes in, and he says he does believe in love and in us. Whatever Mr. Rational-show-me-scientific-proof-pants. Hurmpf.

Then there’s me, do you know what I believe in? Everything!! I believe in God, Santa, the Easter bunny, Starbucks, my family, my bf, my friends, the sun, and especially that our perfect partner is picked out for us ahead of time. I just find this new age hippie-style cynicism to be somewhat obnoxious. I think it’s OK to watch movies and pretend they could happen in real life. I love supporting women’s right but I also love the old-fashioned ideas of cooking and cleaning for your man. I also believe in shopping at big name department stores but as I found out today, I stand alone on that topic as well. At my church, we hold an Alternative Giving Fair every year as a way to fight consumerism and to give back. The gifts range from homemade soups and cookies, to cards and boxes, to organic laundry detergent and cat toys. Each person makes/puts together their own gifts and you pay like 5-10 dollars for each item, all the proceeds of which go to a charity. It’s great, and you should totally come! (Dec 10, Holy Covenant United Methodist Church). But during the announcements the question was posed, “Who of you actually enjoy going Christmas shopping?” I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WITH MY HAND RAISED! How embarrassing. 🙂

I want to change the world, I do. I want world peace, an end to gun violence, clean water for everyone, but I also want to shop at Macy’s, drive my car instead of walking everywhere (it’s cold out and I don’t bike!), and I want to believe that the Scottish and I are meant to be together because some higher power decided it so.

I like to say the Scottish has his feet on the ground at all times. And I put my feet on the ground too but definitely less often. I ground myself when I look at my finances, when I’m cleaning the house, running errands, and so on. But last night I asked him to join me in the clouds because it’s so fun up here! In the clouds, love always win, you can have the wedding of your dreams, you WILL be a famous actress AND novelist, and your Scottish is a gift from up above.

Come fly with me…

Quote: “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank

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