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End of Year Check-in 2011

21 Dec

Hallelujah! This year is almost over. Can I get an amen?? A-MEN. Why am I so pumped you ask? Well, to begin with I sort of despise odd numbers in general. I like things organized and calm, and odd-numbered years cause me unneeded angst. Then there was the whole back surgery of March 2011 and the subsequent bills, debt, and harassing money issues that followed me through the summer, so, I would say I am ready for 2012 for many reasons. Plus, I already have so many exciting things set in motion for 2012. I can’t wait to start a new part-time job doing transcription work with a theatre company here in Chicago in January. I’m going to go to New York City to visit some amazing friends in February, I’m standing up as MOH in my friend’s fabulous April wedding, and once August 2012 hits, I can officially make my condo an income property and move in with my man… ring pending.

But this year wasn’t all bad, and I would say I have matured a lot in the past 12 months. This is my recap and check-in with myself (and with you):

Pain/back surgery started my year off and it was unlike anything else I’d ever experienced.
Quitting a show (due to pain/back surgery) for the first time brought me to a new depth of sadness I hadn’t known and some apathy for how I look at my art.
Traveling to the United Kingdom with my family was magical. Despite the fact that all five of us were stuck in a tiny room together we had an amazing time sight-seeing through England with my sister as our guide. And watching my parents meet my boyfriend’s parents in Scotland was a blessing and a memory I’ll never forget.
Fighting insurance company and hospitals over bills was soul-killing and the ugliest thing I’ve had to do in my life thus far.
The Scottish finding an apartment for “us” made me so happy and gave me a glimpse into my future.
Spending Labor Day weekend in North Dakota with my grandparents for their 75th and 80th birthdays filled me with joy and gratefulness at the family they’ve created.
Random ailments like a weird stress rash and pink-eye made life frustrating and humbling.
Celebrating four years with my nanny family reminded me how much life can change in a short time, and how the important people are always there for you.
Hosting my first Thanksgiving with the Scottish and friends made me feel all-grown up and ready for my own family.
And Christmas, well Christmas hasn’t come yet, and I don’t know how it will go except that visiting my old stomping grounds, my lovely family and fabulous friends means I’ll have a fantastic week.

That said, this is my last blog post of 2011. I’m taking a week and a half off to relax and enjoy the holidays. I figured my boss gave me a week off, so my other boss (being me) should follow in kind. I aim to begin posting again on Sunday the 1st!

Blog ideas you can look forward to coming in 2012:
I’m discussing joining Weight Watchers, and so far people are encouraging. But I’m still waiting to hear the phrase, “What? You don’t need to go on Weight Watchers!”
Virginity. How does society views virgins and waiting for marriage, mixed with what I deem positive things that come from waiting.* Should be pretty dope. As in cool, not referencing the drug.

*As always, my goal surrounding discussions of heavy topics is to help people understand them a little more, even if that lifestyle or choice is not for you, at least you can find something to appreciate in it. Less judgement, more compassion. I’ve either found my new motto, or my first book title… not sure yet.

Join me in the New Year and Happy Holidays readers!!! as they sign off in the UK:

Quote: “Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” Hal Borland

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