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Holiday Relations

11 Dec

Hello Holiday Season. The best time of the year? Pretty much. Well, I would say summer is really the best time of the year, because let’s face it, if you’re in a northern/mid-western state, the cold is awful and we all rejoice once summer hits. But the holiday season is what makes the winter weather bearable. There’s music and lights, and people doing good deeds, what’s not to love? I get very busy during the holiday season because I want to enjoy it all! And since I’m trying to gear this blog more toward relationships, I want to pass on my advice for how best to enjoy your relationships during the holidays.

Friends: This can be tricky because we all have those friends we exchange gifts with and those we do not. I prefer to not give gifts to friends as I have an immediate family, extended family, and a Chicago family to shop for, but I do think friendships need to be refreshed at this time of year as well. So I make a point to see all my friends around the holiday season for dinner, coffee, a drink, shopping, a party, whatever it may be, just to check in, see how they’re doing, and wish them a happy holidays. This year my group of friends, the Sister Wives, all got dressed up and we went out for dinner and drinks and even exchanged a ten dollar gift. While we see each other a lot, the six of us aren’t always in the same place at the same time, and we rarely get dressed up just for each other, but it makes our holiday dinner that little bit more special. For years my bff and I would go shopping together and buy each other the exact same gift for Christmas. It was great because we got to exchange something without the worry and stress of choosing it. And whether it was a book, a hair straightener, or a shirt, we both liked it because we both had picked it out. I also like to act as a professional party-attender throughout November and December. I like to hit every holiday soriee or get-together because my friends put a lot of effort into them and a holiday party is always a blast. Plus, if you’re too busy going to parties then you don’t have to plan one yourself.

Family: My auntie likes to say something to the effect of, ” Drinking and family don’t mix.” And this might not make sense if your family has Irish or Italian roots but it makes sense for us. There might be wine and beer around, but when we all get together it’s usually good clean fun and nobody gets hurt. Spending time with my family around the holidays is the highest priority on my list because I was raised that way. My parents drove us three kids through blizzards and storms just to make sure we made it to Bismarck to celebrate Christmas. I’ve never spent a Christmas in Minnesota which is crazy because I lived there from age 2 1/2 to age 18. Every family has their own idea of fun, but if you think playing cards, singing together, making fun of each other, and eating a lot is fun, then we are guil-ty (said in a high-pitched gay man’s voice). We literally sing the same two songs every year for the Christmas Eve service at my grandparent’s church and we continually get RAVE reviews. It is also entirely true that people look forward to these same two songs every year. And it’s entirely true that we hold the words in our hands year after year because for some reason memorization of these same two songs is out of our reach. All kidding aside, my family is so important to me and if you can’t think of a funny or weird tradition that your family has, this is the year to make one! I believe that traditions are good for the soul and great things to pass on to future generations. Our traditions range from Grandma’s chili to singing in church to opening gifts the night before Christmas. What are yours?

Partners: This could be your spouse, your significant other, the person you are causally dating, or in some cases, your non-boyfriend boyfriend. Whatever the case or whatever the level of commitment, being in a relationship around the holidays is wonderful! The key with gift giving is making that other person feel special. A gift that shows you understand their interests and passions is infinitely better than a standard run-of-the-mill gift, but no need to get over-whelmed, you don’t have to do this alone! I am a big fan of asking family members and friends (who know that person best) what it is they want for Christmas. I also need to point out that women, all women, (even the ones that say that don’t) enjoy romantic gifts. That said, romance is different for every girl, some think it’s jewelry and flowers, some prefer you take them to a show or on a trip, some like when you cook them dinner, and some just want you to have listened enough to have purchased that one thing they’ve been hinting at since July. Speaking of gifts, I was listening to a popular radio station here in Chicago, and they were having women call in with their worst Christmas gifts ever. This one woman won, hands down, after she said that her new boyfriend of a few months gave her a 1,000 count box of TAMPONS!!! TAMPONS?!?!?! There are 80 things wrong with this gift but we’ll start with the obvious, what man purchases feminine hygiene products on his own?? And then why did he think that was OK?? And also, why 1,000?? Why? Because he wants her to have enough tampons to last her for life?? Because nothing says romance like, “I got you some plugs to help with your monthly bleeding problem. Word.”

Happy Holidays, enjoy spending time with your friends, family, and partners!!

Quote: “If all the year were playing holidays,/ To sport would be as tedious as to work.” William Shakespeare

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