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Why Do I Look so Fat in Pictures Part 2

2 May

As you may or may not know, when you are looking for a certain type of advice or information on the internet the easiest way to find it is to enter your inquiry into the search tab and click enter. If you are searching for a particular blog about a specific topic, the same situation applies. At WordPress.com they track the phrases people type in that brings them to your blog. I kid you not, the most searched for phrase that directs people to my blog is,


… (waiting for the laugher to subside) Color me surprised! My most commonly searched phrase has nothing to do with relationships or weddings or family or religion or even Kim Kardashian.

I can’t say that I’m shocked, since my previous post with that exact title was my way of sharing with you all that I had joined Weight Watchers. Well since then I have fallen off the WW wagon, but fortunately I am still down the 13 pounds I lost when I first started. The points system just became too dreary and stupid, plus after going to Scotland and ignoring my diet, I got lazy and indifferent.

Despite all that, I’m feeling pretty darn good about my body these days. I’m still watching what I eat and some days I enter my points (most days I don’t) and I’m still working out when I can. But the issue that haunted me back then is haunting me still, and I can’t help but ask, WHY DO I LOOK SO FAT IN PICTURES? Remember my friend who recently got married, and remember how I was the Maid of Honor? Well she sent us a link to some of the pictures that her photographers posted online. And I was literally taken aback, practically falling off my stool in fright! The first picture I’m in is one where I’m helping the bride put on her veil. My upper body looks like I’ve gained about 20 pounds, no joke. My arms are huge and floppy, my one boob is bulging out and I’m looking wider than ever. WHHHHYYYYY!!!!!

Talk about disappointing. I was feeling good and I thought I looked good. So I sent the link to the Scottish, my mother, and best friend, asking their unbiased honest opinions. They said maybe the cut of that dress wasn’t the best on you, and they thought that specific picture was a bit off but I looked great in the rest of them. Ahh, suspicions confirmed! Clearly I look like a curvy, gorgeous, model in REAL life but in pictures I’m the extra-large version of myself! Or is the camera adding ten pounds and a dose of reality?

In related news, I’ve come to the conclusion that I LOVE food more than I HATE working out. I’ve discovered that both an aversion to working out and an obsession with sweets is a deadly combination. Therefore, I’m going to amp up the calorie burning so I can maintain the joy I feel from eating. Mmmm food. Food.is.so.good.

Did I mention the one thing I’m splurging on for the wedding is photography? By splurging I don’t mean spending copious amounts of money, rather I won’t be penny-pinching my photographer or going with the cheapest option. I won’t be having my guests DIY the photos with disposable cameras, or limiting our photographers to a certain number of hours. I want the whole day captured and I want our story told.

Yes, I’m so cliché it hurts, right? I want to lose weight for my wedding like every other bride-to-be on the planet! BUT NO, that is not how I see it.

I love my curves and my shape, but I need to tone up. I want to get those prints back from my photographer and not utter a single complaint (which is hard because we are all our own biggest critics when it comes to our bodies). Instead of screaming, WHY DO I LOOK SO FAT IN PICTURES? I want to scream, WOW, I LOOK SO GOOD IN THESE PICTURES!!

Can I do it? Any tips out there??

Quote: “I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.” Marsha Doble


I can’t believe it!

2 Mar

The most amazing thing happened! Last night, the Scottish and I were invited to an engagement dinner hosted by some of our good friends. The food was amazing and the night was great but that’s not the story. I was attempting to show some of the girls my “proposal reenactment” video that has the Scottish and I standing happily in front of the big window and my mother asking us to put on the ring and commenting on how she was glad she didn’t mess up this time. Then I pressed play on what I thought was just a video of the view out the window and it turned out to be MY ACTUAL PROPOSAL. SHUT UP. NO WAY. The moment, as brief as it was, HAS BEEN RECORDED. I have that memory forever and I love how happy and surprised I look in it. I love the randomness of it and the fact that my mom can’t hold the camera straight because she’s so happy too. The Scottish is so quiet that you can’t hear his words, but I remember exactly what he said and I’m just so pumped that I found it! I feel like it’s magic and the video appeared out of nowhere. I think I will post the video on the blog at some point, but not… quite… yet.

Sooooo I made my wedding collage. For those of you who are like, “what the hell is a wedding collage?” It’s the hodge podge plastering of all your favorite ideas, magazine clippings, and colors on (in my case) a canvas square frame. I like mine but it’s definitely not as beautiful or as lovely as the collage in my head. And that’s OK, because these are just ideas. They are thoughts and concepts and a way to easily explain my vision to vendors, friends, and family. (More information to come on my wedding inspirations in later posts.) What do you think of my collage? Have any other brides made one for their wedding? Did yours turn out the way you wanted it to?

Last but not least, I received a gift in the mail from my family in North Dakota and I’m so in love with it! These girly bridal accessories were literally made for ME. I plan to be proudly toting this bag around for the next decade year! Remember, this is about enjoying every single minute!

Thank you for reading this Friday night post.

Quote: “Getting married is the boldest and most idealistic thing that most of us will ever do.” Maggie Gallagher

My first DIY

26 Feb

No, you aren’t lost, this is Stephanie’s blog, but with a twist! Yesterday I hosted a bachelorette party and it was a great success but I am consequently too tired to write anything profound. I have noticed that a lot of people’s blogs feature the cute new items they’ve made and since I recently made a craft myself (ahh, thankyouverymuch), I thought I’d share it with my readers. It was quite an intensive project as you’ll see below.

I was looking for cute wine glasses for my friend to use at her bachelorette party, and I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I made them MYSELF. First, I bought the wine glasses, and then I bought the glitter glue pens. I went home, and after washing and drying the wine glasses, I wrote “Bride-to-be, Maid-of-Honor, and Bridesmaid” on them. Following that I let them dry. Surprisingly, they didn’t take that long to make!

And they were a big hit! I’m proud of myself and hopefully this is the first of many DIY projects in the future. My next project is my Wedding Collage.

Ummmmm, yeaaaaaa, I don’t know any quotes about crafting…….

Quote: “I don’t mind at all when people stare at me. In fact, I love it. There isn’t much point in being glamorous if nobody will appreciate it.” Jayne Mansfield

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