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A Royal Halloween

30 Oct

Happy Halloween! Tell me you recognize that famous engagement ring from my picture!! For those of you who don’t follow the British Monarchy as closely as I do, that is Kate Middleton’s ring, formally Princess Diana’s ring. The most popular wedding to watch this year had to have been Prince William finally marrying his longtime love, Waity Katy…oops…I mean, Catherine Middleton, the couple who are now known as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. My friend and I were so very excited about these royal nuptials that we threw a royal wedding watching party complete with tiaras and treat bags.

And you might think that my own Scottish was just as excited about this event being that these people are actually his royal family, but no, the Scots in general don’t particularly like the English people. The reasons for this are not worth getting into now, but suffice it to say, my Scottish was not into this wedding mostly because it was a wedding, and secondly because it was about the royal family who he has little to no interest in.

So when Halloween came around this year I decided that we should dress up as some sort of famous couple. Insert the brilliant idea of being William and Kate. I started by buying a knock-off version of the ring at Claire’s for 11 dollars. Not my taste in a ring but I’d be lying if I said I never sat around my house wearing it just for fun. Then I found a slightly too dark but still appropriate brunette wig at a wig store one Saturday afternoon. After that, all that was left to buy was the blue engagement dress that Kate wore when they announced their big news. Well, the Scottish and I tried thrift and consignment stores but we soon discovered that we are too snotty to shop at them. I mean, I love a good deal, but I don’t have the time to thumb through rack after rack in search of the perfect item. Luckily, I ended up finding a bright blue dress with sleeves and a v-neck at Marshalls and almost died with excitement. Not only was it pretty similar to her dress, but the dress was a size FOUR. This is exciting because while I am attractive, curvy, and normally a size 8 or 10, I am NEVER a size FOUR. Not only does it fit, but my boobs look amazing in it and there is a wonderful lack of back fat (the worst of all the types of fats in all the world).

When approaching the Scottish about this awesome Halloween costume he informed me he didn’t want to pretend to be an Englishman all night, and I said, “fair enough.” He also told me he’d rather go as Mayhem from those Allstate commercials. “But you’d be perfect for Prince William!” I say. “You’re cute, tall, skinny, AND your hair is thinning like his, it’s great!!” Now most people cringe when I talk about the Scottish’s thinning hair, but he laughs. Guys in the UK seem to lose their hair at a younger age and who cares, I still think my Scottish and Prince William are adorable. Ultimately the only way I was able to convince him was to say, “You don’t have to buy anything for this costume, you can just wear a suit, and I guess you can keep your own Scottish accent all night.”

The Scottish agreed and I think we ended up looking great. I was very pleased with how it all came together. But for weeks leading up to Halloween weekend, the Scottish was frequently asked about his costume. One guy at work asked him, “So what are you going to be this year?” The Scottish said, “Well, Stephanie is going as Kate Middleton, so what do you think that makes me?” And his friend replied, “Whipped?” 🙂

Quote: “Even so long after ‘Charles ‘n’ Diana’ was exposed as a sham act, Britain is still in thrall to a vulgar fascination with bloodlines and a barkingly insane notion of monarchy.” Writer Will Self.

PS did you and your partner/friend dress up together in a famous duo this year? Do share! 🙂

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