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Never thought I’d do THIS

13 Mar

I think I will be booking my wedding venue sight unseen.

Now, before anyone freaks out, calls me crazy, (or just plain stupid), let me explain. Just because my fiance and I will not be viewing the venue does not mean that no one will have seen it. In fact, two very trusted people have seen said venue and have fallen in love with it. They are my mother and my sister, and I heard through the grapevine that one of them may have cried tears of joy. How is that for a confirmation? Besides that, who knows me better than my mom and little sis? They get my taste for fancy, they know my need for drama, and they understand how I want things to look more expensive than they really are… in short, they know how to think like a princess. 🙂

This isn’t an easy decision though and in all honesty, it’s not been officially made. I still have to have the final conversation with the Scottish about this and before that he and I are viewing a hotel (of the same chain) here in the Chicago area to see if this is the sort of place we can envision ourselves getting married. The other part of the plan is for my mother to check out an entirely different hotel option before any deposits are made, and then if we all agree that it is the right step, we might just go for it. Sight unseen.

The thing is, I can’t get back to Minnesota until early May! And if we go with our March idea for a wedding (more on that to come in a post called, “I’M HAVING A MARCH WEDDING IN MINNESOTA SO I MUST BE A LUNATIC EVEN THOUGH SO FAR THIS CURRENT MARCH HAS THE BEST EVER”) and it’s already less than 365 days til the BIG day, yikes but also how exciting is that!?!?! The venue needs to be booked so we can send out STD’s to everyone, so people from across the pond can start pricing flights, so other vendors can be booked, etc, etc, ETC.

That said, it’s quite frightening to commit to something you’ve never seen. But it helps that we have limited options to begin with:
1. We love the idea of one-stop wedding hopping, especially considering our percentage of OOTG. (Quiz time, do you remember what that means? Out-of-town guests, yay GO YOU!) We really want our guests to have the luxury of one space fits all! We want people to be able to flow easily from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception and finally to their comfy hotel beds. Speaking from experience, I’ve always enjoyed the option of switching my shoes, putting my purse away, or just using a private bathroom when I’ve stayed at the same hotel or lodge that the wedding reception was taking place in.
2. We save on transportation costs. The Chicagoans and Scottish folk will be able to avoid car rentals because the hotel we are looking at has free shuttles to and from the airport as well as shuttles to the MOA (Mall of America) and other places. The Minnesotans can drive if they so desire because the hotel is only 15 minutes from our Twin City suburb, and they will know the area. They’ll also know how to drive on the right side of the road. (Hehehe, Mr. Scottish isn’t going to find that as funny as I do!)
3. I am without a church to call my home. I grew up attending church in an elementary school cafeteria. We were big on faith and people but didn’t have much money so we rented our space every Sunday from a local school. When my church joined with another church in the area that had a nice sized building I was getting older and soon went off to college. It’s a nice building but it’s just not big enough to house all of our friends, families, and my princess dreams.

So ultimately, it made sense that we would have a religious-based ceremony but that it wasn’t going to be in a church. To be honest, I had always pictured myself walking down a beautiful aisle in a gorgeous church with stained glass windows, a commanding organ, and a familiar pulpit, but those kinds of churches don’t exist in my non-denominational faith anyway, so when discussing venue options with my parents that first night we were engaged, both the Scottish and I decided on a hotel with little hesitation.

I am ready! I am ready to commit to a date, a place, and a time. This wedding will be uniquely our own and it will happen where and when it should. It’s a practice of faith really, believing in something you can’t see, and trusting the ones you love. Not a bad thing to have to practice in my book.

Quote: “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie)


Happy Birthday to the Scottish! I win cause I did an awesome job. And you win cause this isn’t a wedding post.

5 Mar

The Scottish turned 28 yesterday which means he’s as old and as awesome as I am. 🙂 I have to flat-out brag that I gave him the best birthday ever complete with surprises all day long!! One month ago I bought a LivingSocial deal for one night at a hotel literally two blocks from where we live in the city. I also arranged for a couple’s massage, and made him his favorite cake, Tres Leches. Yum. I gave him a card, gummy bears, and there was champagne and chocolates waiting for us when we arrived in our room. Plus, the room had a steam shower (more on that to come).

(For those of you who don’t know me very well, I am the worst liar in the entire world. I will confess to anything rather than lie. It’s kind of a problem.)

Flashback to yesterday, where we had plans to Skype with Scottish Mum and Dad in Scotland right before we were going to leave to check-in and the Scottish was enjoying his lazy morning, getting ready, very…very… slowly… This made it hard to pack items like toothbrushes and toothpaste. I ended up packing a bit too early (shocking I know) and had to put back his toothbrush. A few minutes later he’s finishing getting ready and comes out of the bedroom and says, “Where’s my toothpaste?” I just start shaking my head and laughing. My first thought is how the heck do I explain that? What other explanation is there?!?! So I say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I threw it out, I was in a cleaning frenzy and I threw it out.” The Scottish asks the obvious question of, “Why, why did you throw out a new carton of toothpaste?” At this point I’m blushing and giggling and unable to look him in the eyes. He smiles and says he doesn’t believe me. HA. So then I say, “I lost it. I can’t explain but I just lost it.” I lost toothpaste?!?! Lucky for me the Scottish lets things go and we move on. I still burst out laughing every few minutes at my sheer stupidity and sneak back to the bedroom when I can to finish packing. Eventually he works out why his toothpaste went missing, but because it was a work night his mind didn’t immediately go to HOTEL OVER-NIGHT. Thank goodness!

I’ve packed all of our stuff in my new Victoria’s Secret tote bag that is the most neon bright pink I’ve ever seen. It’s so freakin’ bright I’m almost too embarrassed to carry it! I ask the Scottish if he would be OK carrying this if I couldn’t for some reason, and he shakes his head no, saying he’d really rather not. Then I get to secretly laugh again knowing that on the way home tomorrow, I’m heading straight to work and he’ll have to carry it back to the house to grab the car. We arrive at the hotel and explore, it’s very nice and very relaxing, what with a CD of dolphin and ocean sounds, and the noticeable lack of a TV. There is even a communal kitchen to store my awesome cake.

I can tell the Scottish is slightly disappointed that we aren’t there for massages and that makes it super fun to surprise him two hours later with them. The other big surprise came when I told him he’d be buying his own birthday dinner since I’d maxed out my budget on said massages and hotel room. Man, I’m special.

Finally, I have to tell you all that a steam shower is not quite as relaxing as they lead you to believe! I could only handle putting the steam on for 10 seconds before I couldn’t breath or see or stand. It’s like being assaulted with campfire smoke (minus the smokey smell), and it makes you so hot you wanna die. Good to know for next time, but overall, my impromptu, birthday stay-cation with the Scottish turned out to be one lovely day.

Quote: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

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