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On the subject of marriage, Kim Kardashian, and gays

2 Nov

Where were you when you found out about Kim Kardashian’s decision to file for divorce papers? I’ll never forget where I was…walking to pick up my nanny-kid Derek at his after-school program when my good friend called me with the shocking news. 72 days after her epic wedding Kim chose to end her marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. WHAT the!?!?! Frankly, I do not even know where to start!! Is this a publicity stunt and all part of some plan? Or is this some spoiled celebrity who knows she has enough money to fix any mistakes she might make along the way? I do believe she wanted this ideal fairy tale life, and I believe she ignored the fact that there were many warning signs that this wasn’t the best relationship for her. Kim got sucked into the excitement of it all, which is somewhat understandable, when most people get engaged, they don’t have an entire nation looking forward to their nuptials.

I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Kardashian family and the entire TV Show empire they have created (with the help of Ryan Seacrest), and I was more than excited for this big fabulous wedding of Kim’s. Mostly, because I am a fan of love, any kind of love, and that includes stupid romantic comedy movies, TLC shows, and celebrity weddings that are covered in a two-part special on channel E. One of the best ways to celebrate love is a wedding. Kim must have went coo-coo CRAZY from all the fame, because she put so much more effort into her grand wedding than she did her troubled marriage.

And by now most people have seen or posted the picture that makes the point, “If you think gay marriage cheapens the institution, two words… Kim Kardashian.” It’s absolutely true. And I can’t stand the fact that people who identify as gay are not allowed to marry in most states in the US. People act as if gay marriage is the biggest threat to America these days. It’s ignorant and it’s hateful. Love should be celebrated, in all its different forms. To me, all people are the same, and love looks the same on everyone. It does not look any different if your skin is darker or if you are attracted to your same gender. It’s all the same love. We don’t stop loving children that come out of the womb looking slightly different, we don’t stop loving people who have mental illnesses, and we don’t stop loving someone after they die, so why do we expect someone to stop loving their partner because it goes against the norm? There is no cookie-cutter version of love. And as long as the marriage is between two consenting adults, it’s not for us to decide.

I really do love all people. I do not LIKE all people, but I love all people. I really dislike the people in my elevator who try to make small talk with me after work about their junk mail, and I really dislike the rude-as-hell taxi drivers in Chicago that think they can park their vehicle wherever they want to without regard for others. But then I think about how the older person in my elevator has a family and gets lonely sometimes so they like to make small talk with their neighbors. And I think about how that cab driver might be new to this country and perhaps he’s still learning how to get around here and this was the only job he could get. And while I don’t like them, I do love them because they are fellow human beings.

I would love to live long enough to where gay rights are not an issue anymore because we all have the same human rights. Even though Kim Kardashian embarrassed herself and disrespected the beautiful institution of marriage, I wish her the best. She deserves love like the rest of us. I would never want her life, I don’t know how she can think with all the cameras everywhere, the ridiculous amounts of money, the fame, and the body image she has to uphold. I can’t wait to get married myself someday and although I will have an amazing and spectacular Stephanie-style wedding, I will put significantly more effort into my actual marriage than I will ever put into my cake, my seating chart, and my something blue.

Quote: “I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all.” Lord Byron

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